15th July 2014

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9th July 2014

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Bigby was so fucking hot this episode.


Oh fuck yes he was :C

26th June 2014

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this is awesome

this is awesome

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24th May 2014

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17th May 2014


Israel has the best poster advertising…

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17th May 2014

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Egill Bjarki Jonsson

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22nd January 2014

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Alister is a bit ugleh in DA2, but Anders is deffinitely awesome <3

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14th December 2013

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Bold what applies to you: →



1. had a pet.

2. bought condoms

3. gotten pregnant.

4. failed a class.

5. kissed a boy

6. kissed a girl

7. used a little paper bag for lunch.

8. had a job.

9. slipped on ice.

10. missed the school bus.

11. left the house without my purse.

12. bullied someone on the internet 

13. sexted.

14. had sex in public

15. played on a sports team.

16. smoked weed

17. smoked cigarettes(tried it)

18. smoked a cigar.

19. drank alcohol.

20. watched “The Breakfast Club”

21. been overweight. (In my opinion) 

22. been underweight.

23. had an eating disorder. 

24. been to a wedding.

25. made fun of someone for being fat 

26. been on the computer for 5 hours straight.(or more rather)

27. watched tv for 5 hours straight.

28. been late for school.

29. been late for work

30. kissed in the rain

31. showered with someone else. 

32. failed my drivers test.

33. ran a km in less than five minutes

34. been outside my home country.

35. been on a road trip longer than 5 hours.

36. had lice. 

37. gotten fired 

38. had a credit card.

39. been to a professional sports game.

40. broken a bone.

41. been unhappy about my weight.

42. won a trophy.

43. cut myself. 

44. had an STD.

45. got engaged.

46. been on a diet.

47. tried out to be on a tv show. 

48. rode in a taxi.

49. been to prom.

50. played a drinking game. 

51. Stayed up for 24 hours or more.

52. been to a concert 

53. had a three-some.

54. had a crush on someone of the same sex.

55. been in a car accident.

56. had braces.

57. learned another language 

58. killed an animal. 

59. been at a yard sale.

60. been to a japanese steakhouse.

61. wore make up. 

62. skipped school

63. been a vampire for halloween

64. had my wisdom teeth taken out.  

65. kissed someone a different race than myself.

66. snuck out of the house

67. bought porn.

68. had a virus on my computer.

69. had oral sex.

70. dyed my hair.

71. gone skinny dipping.

72. graduated from college. 

73. wore someone else’s clothes.

74. voted in a presidential election.

75. rode in an ambulance.

76. rode in a helicopter.

77. caught the stove on fire.

78. got in a fight.

79. met someone famous

80. been on vacation.

81. been on an airplane.

82. been on a boat.

83. broken something expensive.

84. had surgery.

85. kissed someone before I was 14.

86. beat a video game.

87. found something valuable on the ground.

88. made a survey

89. stalked someone on facebook/myspace. 

90. prank called someone.

91. been to a library outside of school.

92. spent over $100 shopping in one day. 

93. cut my hair and hated it.

94. peed outside.

95. went fishing.

96. helped with charity.

97. taken a pregnancy test.

98. been rejected by a crush (ish)

99. been suspended from school

100. broken a mirror. (ish)

Вот такие пироги. 

Люблю вспоминать странные происшествия в жизни.

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11th December 2013

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Party at Shepard.

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